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Our restorative justice programs and services work to reduce repeat crime and improve the lives of those affected by crime. We do this by promoting accountability and restoration from the person responsible for the harms (offender), addressing the needs of the person harmed (victim), and strengthening community safety. Our three main programs are listed below.

Victim Offender Dialogue

Victim-Offender Dialogue (VOD) brings the victim and offender of a particular crime together in a safe setting to achieve mutual understanding about the offense, permit offender accountability, and to determine ways to repair the harms and make things as right as possible. Dialogues are facilitated by trained volunteer mediators and usually take place in the community, although for more serious crimes, they can take place inside a correctional facility. With referrals coming from our justice system partners, we have successfully facilitated dialogues between justice-involved youth or adults and their victims for over 25 years. The results have been increased restitution completion rates, increased victim satisfaction, and lowered recidivism rates for offenders. Read More…

Inmate Education Programs

RJMP currently offers 2 programs in correctional facilities: Restorative Justice Reentry Prep Program (RJRPP) and the Juvenile Hall Restorative Justice Circle Program. RJRPP is a 20-week cognitive-based, trauma-informed program for inmates incarcerated in San Diego County jails and detention centers preparing for reentry into our communities. Inmates explore the root causes of the behavior that lead them to incarceration, and understand the impact of the harm they caused their victims, families, the community and themselves. In juvenile hall we introduce youth to the ripple effect of their criminal behavior through a 4 week program. Read More…

School Based Restorative Practices

There is a strong correlation between youth who are suspended from school and future involvement in the criminal justice system. To address this issue, RJMP began offering to schools teacher training in “Discipline That Restores” (DTR). DTR is a step-by-step classroom discipline process designed to increase cooperation, mutual respect, and responsibility among students and teachers. Using the restorative justice skills and strategies, the DTR program trains educators and administrators in the DTR process, helping them to create a more positive learning environment while actively reducing suspensions and expulsions. Read More…


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