Victim Offender Dialogue and Education since 1993

Each year, RJMP provides services to hundreds of San Diego residents impacted by crime through our services and effective training programs based in Restorative Justice principles.  These principles are based on age old, common-sense understandings of wrongdoing where a criminal act is seen as a violation of people and of interpersonal relationships, where these violations create obligations, holding the offender directly accountable to their victim, and where the central obligation is to put right the wrongs to the extent possible. RJMPs programs provide opportunities for crime victims, offenders, and community members to engage in practical, life-changing processes that improve their lives and futures.

Our Mission

The mission of RJMP is to reduce repeat crime and improve the lives of those affected by crime by providing victim-offender dialogue, education and services in partnership with government, non-profit organizations, and businesses to San Diego County, based upon Restorative Justice principles and practices.