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A young man was killed in a car crash caused by his best friend driving drunk. At the victim/offender dialogue, the young man’s mother forgave the offending driver, and then invited him into her family. The two of them agreed to go public and give talks about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Two girls, formerly best friends, get in a fight at school and one suffers over $20,000 in hospital expenses. After an emotional reconciliation during the victim/offender dialogue involving both girls’ families, they agreed of share responsibility for medical costs.

A young man takes his brothers car, drinks a few beers, drag races, and crashes into an electrical transformer box, cutting power to a mall and several blocks of houses for 2 days. The young man discusses the impact of his actions face to face with representatives of the electrical company and one of the businesses and agrees to pay realistic restitution amounts, do community service work and present his story 4 times during the following year before electrical company staff.

Four young students, bored during Christmas holiday, break into 2 local schools and steal a computer, TV and other items. The boys sit down with a school principal who knows some of them from middle school, and explains the hassle of cleaning up the mess following the break-in, the fear left in the teachers who sometimes worked late, and the loss of items that still had not been replaced. The boys apologize and agree to pay restitution and complete all the terms required by probation, which include community service. The principal accepts their apology and hugs and encourages them as they leave.

A young man under the influence of drugs breaks into a house and steals a rifle, leaving the house in disarray. At the victim/offender dialogue, the victim explains the horrible impact the crime had on his family but encourages the young man to put the crime behind him and move on. The two agree to be in contact regularly so as to help the young man take the responsible path in his life going forward.

A young man gets angry at his alternative school and throws a printer into a glass window. At the victim/offender dialogue, the school principal and classroom teacher forgive his outburst and offer him to come back to the school and help other kids with anger issues. The young man offers to give the school his new printer in exchange for the broken one, as the teacher never got a replacement. The school district forgives the costs of the window repair in exchange for his completing his court ordered community service.

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The dog's bark at 9 p.m. sent Mr. Clark scurrying out of the house to catch a teenager stooping down to spray graffiti on the wall. He yelled at the boy and made him sit on the curb until the police arrived 45 minutes later.

Three Youths and A Vintage Car

Every tire was slashed, every door smashed, and the upholstery was badly torn on a vintage car. The damage was estimated at $9,000.00

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Mark Farnham is serving a 55-to-75-year prison sentence for shooting and maiming a highway patrolman. His prison time has been reduced twice by two different governors, but his best hope for getting out earlier lies with Stephen Watt, the man he shot five times and nearly killed 20 years ago.

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Deep inside this infamous old prison, Patty O'Reilly stands before eight men doing hard time, her shoulders slumped, a man's gold wedding ring hanging from a chain around her neck.

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This was not the usual referral from Probation. An attorney at the US Attorney's office was grappling with the case of a well-publicized offense by a white supremist in which swastikas were painted on two synagogues, a congressman's door, and three other buildings.

The Story of Ples Felix and Azim Kamisa

When I got the phone call saying that Tariq was dead I kind of left my body, because the pain was too much to bear. It was like a nuclear bomb going off inside my heart.


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