Restorative Justice Reentry Prep Program (RJRPP) Facilitation

Volunteer Training Opportunity for Facilitating Restorative Justice programming in San Diego County Jails & Detention Centers

The Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) is now facilitating a 20-week, cognitive-based, restorative-justice program for offenders incarcerated in San Diego county jails and detention centers who are preparing for reentry into our communities. The rudiments of this program are based on the restorative justice principles and practices of: accountability, recognizing harms, developing empathy and remorse, understanding victim impact, and personal healing. Offenders participate in a Victim Offender Dialogue circle with surrogate victims of similar crimes, which is a major step in the restorative healing process of both offenders and victims.

The process of becoming a volunteer facilitator in the RJRPP program includes a pre-screen interview, completion of the 20-hour training, background clearance, attendance at the institution’s orientation, and a volunteer commitment to facilitate in a San Diego facility for one year.

If you are interested, please complete a short training interest form online. You will be contacted for a pre-screen interview and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If approved to participate in the training, you will be notified and asked to pay the training fees prior to commencement of the training, February 28th. Contact: Andrea Travers, RJRPP Program Coordinator


Diocese of San Diego Pastoral Center, 3888 Paducah Dr., San Diego, CA 92117


$300 per person. Scholarships are available.