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The Story of RJMP

The Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) is a non-profit, non-governmental, 501(c)3 organization that works in partnership with local justice sector agencies and other non-profit organizations in San Diego County to provide programs and training that promote the values of respect, responsibility and relationships.  Our main programs are Victim-Offender Dialogues (VOD) for crime victims, offenders, and their families throughout the county, and Inmate Education Groups in correctional facilities.  To help stop the school to prison pipeline, we promote restorative practices in schools which assist teachers to better address conflicts in the classroom and prevent expulsions and suspensions.

RJMP was founded in 1993 as the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of San Diego County, Inc.  It began as a faith-based organization started by retired school teacher, Pearl Hartz, and other people of faith concerned about finding a better way to address juvenile delinquency.  The organization’s name was changed in 2006 to the Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) to reflect the broader scope of the restorative justice practices it is involved in. Its identification as a faith-based organization was also changed at that time. RJMP continues to operate San Diego County’s only Victim Offender Dialogue Program, and it now encompasses work with both justice- involved juveniles and adults, crime victims, the incarcerated, and schools.

Vision for the Future

RJMP envisions a day when all parties to crimes in every community of San Diego are offered the opportunity to engage in making justice a restorative, healing process by effectively addressing the harms, needs and obligations created by the criminal act through restorative practices.

RJMP’s vision is to establish restorative justice practices as the cornerstone of healthy and safe communities throughout all of San Diego County.


Most of RJMP’s facilitators of Victim Offender Dialogue and Victim Offender Education Groups are trained volunteers. They give their time and energy toward seeing juvenile and adult offenders recognize the damage their crimes have done and helping them reconcile with their victims and themselves. This can be a very rewarding experience!

We operate with an amazing team of dedicated volunteer facilitators, trainers, speakers, consultants, and more.  Without this volunteer support, RJMP would not be able to provide its valuable services.  Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

How RJMP is Funded

RJMP services are free of charge and confidential.  We are funded by a variety of grants and private donations from people who believe in and support our vision and work.  Click to donate or contact us for more information.


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Your generous contribution allows us to help those who:

  • have been harmed by crime
  • are finding their place back to the community
  • are struggling with broken relationships
  • are actively working at making things right

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