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The mission of RJMP is to reduce repeat crime and improve the lives of those affected by crime by providing victim/offender dialog, education and services in partnership with government, non-profit organizations and businesses to San Diego County, based upon Restorative Justice principles and practices.

The Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) offers several programs in line with our mission: Victim-Offender Dialogue (VOD), inmate education programs such as the Restorative Justice Reentry Prep Program (RJRPP) and Insight Prison Project's evidence-based Victim-Offender Education Groups (VOEG), and school based training in restorative practices.

Restorative Justice views crime as a harm to the victim and the community.  Restorative Justice insists on offender accountability, addresses the victim’s needs, attempts to repair the harm, and seeks to bring both parties together for restitution that is mutually agreeable.  Read More

Some testimonials about our prgram...

Jim (an offender) - "I've learned my lesson, and I'm staying out of trouble."

Sarah (offender's parent) - "This has taught my son a lesson and has been better for him than any other kind of service."

Amy (a probation officer) - "This service is a wonderful resource, and without it these kids would be going through the juvenile justice system at a far greater cost."

Steve (a victim) - " The best part for me was when this young man said he realized that talking to him wasn't just about the damages, but that is was getting across to each other.  At the end, we had a mutual respect and shook hands."